Best Acoustic Guitar for Beginners

When it comes to the best acoustic guitar for beginners, you need to make sure that you choose the design and style of the instrument. Keep in mind that the quality of materials used and construction impact the guitar’s sound and feel, so look into these aspects during your search. Check out these options for the finest acoustic guitars perfect for beginners.

Best Acoustic Guitar for Beginners

Our pick: Epiphone Acoustic Series EEHBFCNH1

Benefits and Product Features

The following are among the benefits of this best acoustic guitar for beginners:

1. Made with the Highest Standards

Although some people prefer to try a guitar first before they decide to purchase one, this one is an exception considering how it has been inspected several times before shipping to buyers. Moreover, while this guitar is manufactured in Indonesia, every part and component of this instrument is set up and inspected thoroughly in the United States. This means, it has been adjusted the proper way to ensure the best sound and tone it produces.

2. Outstanding Appearance

This Epiphone acoustic guitar is polished, which gives it a glossy shine. The finish is also quite smooth – from the frets, in-lays, and the entire body of the guitar. At first glance, you will find the guitar rather sleek, elegant and expensive-looking. Hence, this instrument is indeed value for your money.

3. Satisfation-Guaranteed

The strings of this guitar are of the best quality, which are capable of producing, full, clear, and warm tones and sounds. Even the stock strings are good enough, so there is no need to replace them unless necessary. For the remarkable performance and appearance of this guitar, there is no doubt that it is a true value for your money.

Customer Reviews:

Learn more about what customers think of this guitar as you read along these reviews.


Most users love the full and melodious tone produced by the guitar. The body is also gorgeous with its spruce back and top, and this further enhances the sound.


Several people are impressed by the guitar, yet there are those who are not very satisfied about the fact that the strings seem to be very high at the nut and bridge. Nevertheless, for its price, this is a solid guitar worth investing on.

Runner-up: Yamaha FG730S

When it comes to folk or acoustic guitars, the Yamaha FG730S is a fine choice because of numerous features and benefits including these:

1. Great for Beginners

This model of Yamaha guitar is suitable for beginners considering its relatively cheap price and premium sound. In fact, the guitar is made of quality tonewoods, and it has a spruce top with rosewood for the sides and back. So, if you are just starting to learn how to play a guitar, then this product is good for you.

2. Elegant and Functional Design

The guitar has a full sized body, which gives it a rich, full and low end tone. Interestingly, the body has a short scale, and this makes this product ideal for individuals who are not only beginners, but also those with smaller hands. You will find it easy to play this guitar for fingerpicking techniques. Furthermore, this acoustic guitar has a hand-fitted dovetail design for the neck joint. With this in mind, there are no metal parts in the neck that also positively impacts the guitar’s stability and strength.

3. Sophisticated Appearance

To top it all off, the guitar comes with a distinct thin finish that Yamaha is famous for. This is made using specialized hand-spraying techniques to create a high-gloss and rich finish. Because of this advanced technology, this maintains the resilience and integrity of the sound while minimizing vibrations on the wood.

Customer Reviews

Actual product users have the following feedbacks on this acoustic guitar by Yamaha.


The tone is beautiful, clear and traditional, unlike the boomy or loud sound in other guitars. In addition, the frets and setup are also quite decent and the spacing on the strings are specifically designed for beginners. Most importantly, the construction is solid and stable, and these add to the overall appeal of the instrument.


Some users comment on the rather high action on the guitar’s upper frets, although this is not exactly a deal-breaker since it can be tweaked. The side portion of the neck also has a professional feel and appearance.

Also Great: Takamine GD30CE-NAT

Benefits and Product Features:

Making its way in this list of the best folk/ acoustic guitars for beginners is the GD30CE by Taka Mine. Among its features are the following:

1. Outstanding Build

If you want an acoustic guitar that you can actually play on stage and feel like a pro while doing so, then the GD30CE is just what you need. It is an electric-acoustic dreadnought guitar that comes with a professional construction for the top, along with an elegant cutaway and advanced electronics system. The material used for the body is spruce, and this is combined with mahogany for the sides and back.

2. Impressive Sound Quality

The guitar has the Taka Mine pre amp system (TP-4TD) built right into the system, which functions as a tuner and a tri-band EQ. These provide you with excellent controls of the guitar with enhanced performance. The overall feel of the fingerboard is spectacular, and there are several other components that improve the sound including the split bridge saddle, synthetic bone nut, pinless rosewood bridge and headcap.

3. Value for Your Money

In terms of performance, versatility and durability, you can expect to see all of these in this guitar model by Taka Mine. Playability is superb, and the natural glossy finish of the guitar adds to its elegance. With the good quality materials used in this instrument, you can expect this guitar to last for a number of years.

Customer Reviews

Check out these comments of product users about this Taka Mine acoustic guitar:


The body is made of solid spruce and the rest of the areas of the guitar is constructed of mahogany. What’s more, the sound is pleasant because of the well-crafted design and thin coat for the finish.


The bridge style of the guitar is easy to use, but if you need to change strings, it may be better to use needle nose pliers when your fingers are a bit broad to do this task conveniently.


After learning more about the best acoustic guitar for beginners, it will help you to look into the features and benefits of each to find the right one you need. So, consider these reviews on the top-rated guitars, compare the features of each, and purchase the best one that meets your standards.