Best Electric Guitar for Beginners

If you need the best electric guitar for beginners, you have a number of options in store for you. However, with so many brands and models to choose from, how can you possibly to choose the right one you need? Here, we review 3 electric guitar brands made for beginners and pros alike.

best electric guitar for beginners

Our pick: Epiphone Les Paul Standard Electric Guitar

What makes the Epiphone Les Paul the best electric guitar for beginners? Below are some of the reasons why it may be a great choice for those who are looking for their first electric guitar.

Benefits and Product Features

1. Solid Body

The guitar’s body is made of mahogany, which is solid, durable and effortlessly stylish. As for the top, maple wood is used to ensure the great quality of tone. These are excellent quality materials that add not only to the appearance of the guitar, but also to the sound and tone it produces. What’s more, the fretboard is constructed out of rosewood, which completes the overall look of this musical instrument.

2. Hardware Components

The hardware of this Epiphone guitar is impressive, as it is a typical quality you can find in any model of guitar from this brand. It is a breeze to auto-lock the tailpiece and bridge, so newbies will not experience any issue with this at all. What’s more, the tuning machines are dependable and made of Grover, which is known for top quality over the years.

3. Flawless Sound

This instrument has alnico classic magnets on the pickups located on the bridge and neck. This is an Epiphone trademark that gives the guitar that sweet and melodious tone. So, you can play great music just like a pro with this spectacular instrument. For its price, you will find this a fantastic investment worth making.

Customer Reviews

These are what actual product users say about this guitar by Epiphone


When it comes to clean and simple looks, well-designed pickups and durable features, this guitar is a steal. It can take a beating with its solid body and neck, which gives you a true value for your money.


One complaint with this guitar, though, is the sound goes a bit off when you play it with its original strings. However, this is not a deal-breaker considering how you can simply change these into new ones to get better results.

Runner-up: Fender Modern Player Tele® Plus Electric Guitar

Fender is known for its superior quality guitars, which is a trademark for this brand. Among the features you can expect from the Tele electric guitar by Fender are the following:

Benefits and Product Features

1. Superb Quality

For a guitar at $400, you will be surprised to find out that this instrument is a decent buy with its great sound, awesome body and solid build. With the brand’s strict and rigorous quality check, you can expect this product to have passed intensive quality inspections. The guitar is machine-crafted, which means every part of this instrument is constructed and pieced together with optimum precision and accuracy.

2. Attractive Looks

At first glance, it is quite easy to fall in love right away with this guitar. The sunburst shade is in a dark and deep reddish gold hue. With the pine wood for the body, it blends perfectly with the overall color of the guitar.

3. Outstanding Electronics

When it comes to the guitar’s electronic components, bridge and tuners, you can say that these are all well-made parts enhancing the instruments sound and value. You can adjust the pickup height easily, although some minor adjustments may need to be made in the strat pickup. The pickup also has a sweet and mellow sound, and it even has a 5-way pickup selector that offers 7 varied tonal options to choose from.

Customer Reviews:

Check out these reviews on the guitar by customers who bought this product:


At less than $400, this guitar is the real deal. It has a pleasant sound, easy to work with for fingerpicking, and comes with a stylish appearance. The body is also lightweight, so it is not a burden lugging this guitar around wherever and whenever.


Some users mentioned something about the low clearance between the guitar’s body and strings. This is a common concern when you have a particular preference for thicker picks, but it should not be a major issue since the guitar has a solid pickguard.

Also Great: Dean V Dave Mustaine Guitar

This Dean guitar may fit the bill just fine with these impressive features that you will love such as these:

Benefits and Product Features

1. Gorgeous Finish and Details

This musical instrument has a catchy V-style design for the body coupled with sleek black finish that makes you look like a legit rockstar. The neck is made of mahogany, while the fingerboard is crafted from ebony. At first look, these give the guitar an extraordinary appeal and a first impression that it is one pricey instrument – even if it is really not.

2. Great Components for Sound Enhancement

You can create the tone you want with the Dean humbuckers that consist of three way toggle, tone and volume controls. The Grover tuning machines are also notable features, plus the string-thru-body design of the bridge has a positive impact on the sound produced. Tuning action and stability are also made easy, and you can shred like a pro with this guitar, which is impressive considering its reasonable price range.

3. Value for Your Money

If you are only beginning to learn how to play electric guitar, then you can certainly use this product as a starting point. It does not come with a hefty price tag, yet it has all the right components and features that let you play – and look – like a true rock icon. With the solid build of the guitar’s body, quality pickups and pleasant sound, this instrument is a keeper.

Customer Reviews

Here are some comments by product users who have tried playing this electric guitar:


The guitar is comfortable to use, and it is a treat to play with its lightweight and well-designed body. It is durable and lasts for years with proper maintenance and care.


A little concern was raised regarding the strap buttons’ positioning since it is not too easy for people who prefer strat-styles. Nevertheless, once you get used to it, you can barely put this guitar down because of how fun and easy it is to play.

Bottom Line

Choosing the best electric guitar for beginners may be overwhelming because of a ton of options in the market. However, by looking for trusted and recommended guitars such as the ones presented in this review, shopping for the right instrument should be made easier for you.